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Benefits of iisign, the smart road sign

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Unclear or confusing junctions

The transport infrastructure includes many unclear or confusing junctions – in towns, villages and at railway crossings. The iisign smart road sign monitors the situation in such locations and gives a warning signal to prevent a possible collision.

Dangerous junctions

We all know junctions that are subject to heavy traffic or are dangerous and where it doesn’t pay to take risks. With the iisign smart road sign, you can avoid risky situations that often end in more than just crumpled sheets of metal.

Zebra crossings

Although the maximum speed limit in built-up areas is “fifty”, drivers often do not pay enough attention to this and/or exceed it. The iisign smart road sign continually assesses the situation and gives drivers an early warning to stop safely and in time before a zebra crossing.

Child safety

Especially near schools and playgrounds, drivers should reduce their speed and pay close attention to the traffic. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. The iisign smart road sign not only helps protect children when crossing a road, but also people from across different generations.

Frequently asked

The main advantage of having more iisign smart road signs is increased road traffic safety, for pedestrians and drivers alike. It also provides a more accurate overview of the traffic in a given village/town or work/industrial site. For urban conurbations, this acts as a stepping stone towards becoming a Smart City and enables the generation of more statistical data that can be used for spatial planning, the better utilisation of roads and efficiency gains.

The iisign smart road sign can collect and generate data on the volume of traffic, i.e. the number and frequency of vehicles travelling in both directions, as well as footfall at zebra crossings at certain times. It can also provide data on temperature, humidity, noise and atmospheric pressure, as well as long-term data to evaluate the investment. This data is available 24/7.

The iisign smart road sign is suitable for all development projects where there is a need to improve road traffic safety in general.

The iisign smart road sign is serviced according to the type of possible defect. This means either a) remotely via the internet or b) through a service company.

To install an iisign smart road sign, you need a sufficiently sturdy technical fixture, just like that used for standard road signs.

The installation of the iisign smart road sign must always be carried out by a certified company trained by the manufacturer of the technology.

You can arrange the placement of an iisign smart road sign in a municipality through the municipality’s transport department. For companies and/or commercial premises, this must be arranged internally through the relevant management.


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